500 years of Reformation - 500 trees in Wittenberg

In 2017, Lutheran churches will commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation that had its beginnings in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. Churches from all over the world and from all confessions are being invited to sponsor one of the 500 trees to be planted in Wittenberg, and at the same time to plant a corresponding tree in a place that is significant for their own church.

The foundation stone for this project was laid in September 2008. It was designed by the landscape architect Dr. Andreas Kipar from Milan.

On November 1st 2009, representatives of Christian World Communions and local churches planted the first trees. New trees will be added annually up to 2017 in order to complete the project.

Detailed information and the state of the planting so far can be found on the website of the Luther garden

Tree planting in the Luthergarten

Until the beginning of May 2017, 384 trees were adopted. The international seminars or visits in Wittenberg are always a good chance to involve churches that didn't take part so far in this project.

The next plantings will be:

May 18 Church Congregation St. Matteus, Stockholm, Sweden
May 18 Catholic Congregation St. Viktor and Ev. Congregation in Xanten, Germany
May 19 Ev. Foundation in Gnadau, Germany
May 22 Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter in Belmont, NC, USA
May 23 Ev. Luth. Congregation St. John in Witten, Germany
May 24 Ev. Luth Church District München and Ev. Luth. Congregation St. Katharina in Kiew
May 24 Ev. Church District in Mülheim, Germany and Ev. Luth. Curch District Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
May 25 Church Congregations in Ballerup, Malov, Skovlunde and Pederstrup, Denmark
May 29 Ev. Church District Cologne North, Germany
May 29 Allegheny Synod, ELCA, USA
May 29 Lutheran Campus Ministry in Austin, TX, USA
June 1 Christ the King Luth. Church in Houston, Texas, USA
June 2 Diocese of Worcester, Church of England
June 6 Roman Catholic Church District Rheinfelden-Magden-Olsberg, Switzerland
June 8 Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, Illinois, USA
June 14 Mission 21, Ev. Mission in Basel, Switzerland
June 17 Ev. Luth. Church Congregations Divino Salvador, Puerto Rico and St. Luke in Middleton, WI, USA
June 26 Ev. Mission in Solidarity, EMS, Germany
June 26 Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Manchester, Missouri, USA
June 26 Ev. Luth. Church Congregations St. Barholomäus, Germany, and St. Paul, Newark, Ohio