Seminars for Lay People in Leading Church Positions

Again, and again, participants in the seminars for pastors have pointed out that seminaries are very important not only for pastors, but also for lay people who are responsible for their churches. We have accepted this proposal and now we offer such a seminar every year. The participants learn about the basic principles of Lutheran theology and come to an intensive exchange about their problems in the respective context. Likewise, the Luther sites are visited at the historical place and insights into the church situation in Central Germany are given. In Geneva, they get to know the structures of the Lutheran World Federation, the work of the various departments, and get in touch with the leaders of the LWF. The identity as a Lutheran Christian in the respective country is strengthened and the LWF gets a face. The seminar creates a special community and the possibility of networking is given.

The seminar is held in English language.
You can find a short review of previous seminars here.

Next dates

4th International Seminar for Lay People in Leading Church Positions
    June 29 - July 09, 2020, Wittenberg/Geneva
    Rev. Dr. Anupama Hial, India
    Rev. Inken Wöhlbrand, Germany
    Rev. Joachim Zirkler, Germany
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its global effects, the Seminar has to be cancelled.