Seminars for pastors conferences

Not only in Germany but also in other countries, conferences of pastors meet once a year for several days and include a study trip. We offer at the site of the Reformation a very good infrastructure and can help you regarding the themes and the organization in the implementation of such conferences.  We also can arrange for competent lecturers. The conferences themselves are responsible for all costs. For the first time, in 2015, the Conference of the Diocese of Haderslev in Denmark organized a four-day conference on the theme, "Johannes Bugenhagen - the Reformer of Denmark". The local conditions, the content input and the contact to a congregation in a rural area were so inspiring that the next dates for the coming years are already have been fixed. If you are also looking for inspiration for the future, then please come to us. At this historic location and its surroundings there are many opportunities you never had before!

If you come from Germany or its neighboring countries, if Wittenberg is easy to reach for you and if you are looking for inspiration for the future, then come to us. In the historical place and its surroundings there are open unsuspected possibilities!

You can find a short review of the previous seminars of pastors conferences here.

Next dates:

Pastors conference of the Diocese of Haderslev, Denmark
from Sept 08 – Sept. 11, 2020

Pastors conference of the Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Russia and Other States
from June 07 - June 21, 2021