Over 500 years ago, Martin Luther provided important stimuli for wide-ranging reforms in the church. His theology had an effect on many churches - by being implemented, causing modifications or through debates on it. Nowadays, Lutheran churches can be found in varied historical, cultural, social, and economic contexts. This is a challenge to the communion among them.

For this purpose, the LWF Center organizes different types of seminars for different target groups. This is in response to a fundamental need repeatedly expressed by the LWF member churches - to deepen their understanding of the Lutheran identity, also in relation to their specific contexts and in ecumenical openness to other confessions. The knowledge of one's own tradition is a prerequisite for a fruitful, beneficial dialogue with other confessions, faiths, and worldviews. It provides a constructive basis for self-confidence and an appropriate stand that is not susceptible to apologetics or fundamentalism.

The seminars are usually conducted in English. Presentations and discussions in groups alternate with periods of private study. Various programs in the evenings and on weekends provide the possibility of gaining a balanced view of the church situation in Germany and a chance to visit different Luther sites. The Colleg Wittenberg offers very good conditions for accommodation, board and study right in the center of the Luther town.

The seminars are held in English language.
Here you find additional information about the different seminars:

-   for pastors
-   for newly elected church leaders
-   for Lay People in leading positions
-   for pastors conferences