Visiting groups

An encounter with the historic sites where Martin Luther and other Reformers lived and worked normally leaves a lasting impression that gives many visitors a new awareness of the Reformation and the history of its effects. Visitors from other countries, in particular, are often moved when they can stand in Luther's house or the church where he preached. They become ambassadors of the commemoration of the Reformation. Even after 2017, the historic sites will still be there, and the dispute about Reformation will remain important. Therefore, it is good that the decision has been made to continue the work of the LWF Center. The LWF Center is at your disposal for inquiries about planning and to reserve accommodation, board, guided tours of the town, encounters with congregations, etc.

The readiness of Germany’s Martin-Luther-Bund to support study visits of this kind from minority churches in its partner countries is appreciated. Applications for subsidies should be submitted to the Martin-Luther-Bund office in Erlangen. This can be an encouragement especially for member churches of the LWF in Eastern and Southeastern Europe to plan their visits to Wittenberg.

Since 2009, more and more guests from many countries have had contact with the center. In particular, the assembly of the LWF in Stuttgart gave about 150 delegates the opportunity to visit Luther's town. In the meantime, several thousand guests each year use the center as support for their stay in Luther’s town. The “Workshop Wittenberg of the Young Reformers Network” gave about 140 young adults the chance for an intensive experience with each other and with Luther´s town Wittenberg. On the occasion of the Council Meeting of the LWF in 2016, a program was organized in which the year’s theme of the Luther decade, “Reformation and One World”, came into focus. During all these encounters and events, the historic sites and the special atmosphere of Wittenberg developed an inspiring impact, especially because of their freshly renovated condition.
Moreover, the Reformation is an ongoing process and its analysis can still be worth in the future.

Therefore, plan your trip to Wittenberg now or later.
Please contact us! We are here to assist you.